Style guide weddings

Groom and vest
If, for example, you have a jacket as a dress code at the wedding, it is an excellent opportunity for you as a groom to stand out by using a vest for your suit. Color match or break with a contrasting fabric on the vest. If the dress code is a dark suit, feel free to choose a vest that goes tone by tone or if possible in exactly the same fabric.

If you are a guest at a wedding and are planning to wear a vest, you should consider whether it can be dressed up or not. Namely, it can be felt rude to come as a guest dressed up and outshine the groom in terms of clothing. But do you know that it will be a dressed up wedding, we see no obstacles to using a vest for the suit.

Vest for tuxedo
Using a vest for a tuxedo is a very nice alternative. Which vest you choose has, of course, a lot to do with what you like and taste. There are so-called horseshoe vests that have a deeper cut that has the shape of a horseshoe. Traditional vests can also be used for tuxedos. There are different opinions about what color to wear on the vest for tuxedos. We at Neckwear believe that it is possible to use a different color on the vest for tuxedos, provided that the whole feels elegant and matching.

Color and pattern on the accessories
When you as a wedding guest are to choose accessories for your clothes, your taste and liking are the most important factors. According to the conventional dress codes above, it is in most cases mandatory to wear a tie or bow tie, but it is entirely up to you what you choose for colors and patterns (with the exception of tuxedos). If you have a partner with you, it is important to match the colors with their clothing feel or outfit. Avoid matching so that the colors "almost" match with your partner's dress / outfit. Instead, match with colors that go well with each other, otherwise there is a risk that it looks dressed up and not dressed up. If you and your partner buy your garments and accessories from different suppliers, they rarely have exactly the same shade color, hence our advice to use two different colors that match each other on the different garments.

Matching accessories
In many cases, it is very stylish to use a tie or bow tie in the same pattern as the handkerchief. Being uniform is both nice and practical. Sometimes, however, it can be nice and distinctive to use different colors on the tie / bow tie or handkerchief.

Pick up colors from one part
If you want to match colors with a tie / bow tie and handkerchief, then match with different colors that match each other. There are of course many good color combinations, but here is a list of color matches that is a guiding starting point when you have to match color and pattern on accessories.

  • Blue with orange / brown
  • Red with green
  • Yellow with purple

In our range there are many ties with different patterns, everything from crackling and protruding to more discreet. It can therefore sometimes be difficult to find an exact color match. What can be handsome then is to pick up a color, from for example the pattern in the tie and use it in a single-colored handkerchief, or vice versa. Here are some stylish combinations of accessories we recommend.

Color of shoes and belt
Belt is a very nice and practical detail you can use for your outfit. The Neckwear range includes a selection of elastic belts in different colors, perfect to match either your shoes and / or your accessories. A green belt, for example, is excellent for a dark brown tie, as well as for dark brown shoes. Just as we previously recommended, you do not need to match the exact color, the most important thing is that the colors match each other and that the choice is within the dress code.

Feel the freedom to be creative
When you as a guest at a wedding are going to choose accessories, we encourage you to choose according to your personal preferences. As long as you stay within the framework of given dress codes and do not exaggerate or intend to outshine the groom, it is quite free to choose what you feel handsome in.

Other accessories
Put that last touch on your outfit with other accessories. You can, for example, skip the belt and use braces, which is a very elegant alternative. Jacket needles that are increasing in popularity are also a very elegant detail and can be something that really puts the finishing touches on the i. If it's a little cooler outside, complement the look with a scarf resting around the neck, under the jacket. Cufflinks are never wrong either, as is a nice bracelet - the possibilities are many. Despite the perhaps sometimes a bit rigid dress codes, you as a wedding guest have, to say the least, great opportunities to honor the bride and groom by entering the party very handsomely on their big day.

Dress codes
We all have different tastes and demands when it comes to how you want to shape your wedding. Choosing the right dress code is therefore important as the dress code sets the label and the level of the wedding party. It is you as the groom together with your future one who will be in the center during the party, so make sure to choose your clothes and accessories with great care so that you really feel good-looking and handsome on the big day.

Below we briefly explain what the most common dress codes mean.

Dress code tuxedo has clear rules and is thus easy to follow. The tuxedo jacket, which is either black or midnight blue, is worn with a black silk bow tie and white handkerchief. Belt is a perfect complement if you as a groom want to stand out. Neckwear recommends having a self-knotted bow tie, but the finished knot is of course also good.

Dark suit
The upper part and the lower part must be in the same color and fabric, midnight blue or dark gray. A white shirt, or light blue, is worn under the jacket. Tie or bow tie is mandatory and supplemented with a handkerchief. Let the tie, bow tie and handkerchief add the touch to the outfit by matching the color and pattern to taste.
Neckwear recommends the groom to choose a tie or bow tie that matches the bride's dress, or alternatively the color of the bride's flowers. To stand out as a groom, grooms and marshals advantageously choose different accessories. However, this is not a rule but a recommendation.

Dress code jacket means a uniform suit, ie the same color and fabric on the upper and lower part where the color of the shirt is optional. A tie or bow tie is mandatory, but here you can take out the turns in color to stand out as a groom.

If you as a bridal couple choose a dress code jacket, Neckwear recommends choosing accessories completely to your taste. If you are a playful person, choose a protruding color on the tie and handkerchief. If you feel more discreet, choose a plain tie with a matching handkerchief. Let only your imagination and taste set the limits!

The wedding venue
Does the wedding party take place in a castle or outdoors in a garden? Make sure to match the feel of the party room with your attire. Dress up if you are going to be in a "nicer" place and take it down a level if you choose a place that has a simpler and relaxed feeling and style.

Friends' taste
Do you know that your friends love to dress up to the teeth, or are they perhaps the type who does not think clothes are so important. Even though it is your day as a groom, in some cases it can be good to adapt the dress code to your friends' taste and liking. But do not forget that it is you who decides!

The bride's clothes
Has the groom chosen a very formal dress or a more casual model? It is important that you keep the same level of your clothes so that one is not more dressed than the other.

Other dress codes
In some cases, the bride and groom choose to de-dramatize the dress code and write something along the lines of "Something you feel good about", "Your best self" or "Costume-looking" on the wedding card. If you as a groom choose that the guests can have a more relaxed approach to the attire, we at Neckwear believe that it is a great opportunity for you as a groom to really stand out. Choose a tuxedo at the summer wedding or a pink tie for a green suit at the winter wedding. We at Neckwear love when our customers dare to stand out, regardless of dress code. It will always be nice to dress up!