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FAQ - When is it appropriate to wear a bow tie?
You can basically wear a bow tie at all times where it is appropriate to wear a tie. A bow tie is considered slightly more dressed up than a tie, at dinners, parties and weddings, the bow tie is therefore a perfect choice if you want to be really nicely dressed. If you want to look good at work, a tie is preferable as it is somewhat more informal. If you have a shirt and bow tie, it is nice to have braces. If you wear a jacket and bow tie, feel free to use a handkerchief.

Pre-tied or self-tie bow tie?
There is no dress code that governs what kind of bow tie you should wear, it is rather a matter of taste. By far the best-selling and most popular bow tie is the pre-tied one. It is quick and easy to fasten around the neck with an adjustable strap. As long as the bow tie is of good quality, it will look good and your attire will be correct for all events where you are to wear a bow tie. For the really style-conscious, the self-tied bow tie is preferable. It takes a little practice to learn to tie the bow tie yourself and it can preferably become a little asymmetrical. Wearing a self-tie bow tie is a detail that other fashion enthusiasts with a keen eye will notice.

What pattern should the bow tie have?
There are almost an infinite number of different patterns on bow ties. There are no restrictions here other than what your imagination allows. Feel free to add color to your outfit with a colorful bow tie with some exciting patterns. The most important thing is that the color and pattern of the bow tie match well with your other outfit. If you want to play it safe, choose a bow tie in a color and pattern that keeps the same color tone as your other outfit.

How do I tie a self-tie bow tie?
Fortunately, there is only one method you need to learn to tie the bow tie. You will find a guide with video and pictures of how to do it here.

What material should the bow tie have?
The most common and popular material is silk. It has a beautiful shine and gives a luxurious touch to your outfit. The disadvantage is that it is an expensive material and it is sensitive to stains as it can be difficult to clean. There are also very good imitations of silk made of polyester. The advantage is that the material is durable and inexpensive. Then there are bow ties in wool and cotton which have a matte and warm color tone. Wool fits especially well in autumn and winter, while cotton is best suited for summer.

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Bow ties online

Bow ties are normally divided into two groups, pre tied bow ties and self tied bow ties. So which type should you use, the pre tied or the freestyle bow tie? The pre tied is ready to use and easy to attach around your neck without any need to tie it. This type is suitable for the informal look but when you still want a dressed outfit, for example when going to a party or going out. The self-tie bow tie on the other hand requires you to know how to tie the bow tie. It is a good choice for the formal look. There are also many other types of bow ties in different fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, linen and cashmere. In our selection we also provide the classic ivy bow tie.

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