FAQ - When is it appropriate to wear suspenders?
You can wear a pair of braces at all times when you wear a tucked-in shirt and want to be really nicely dressed. You can wear braces both with and without a jacket, preferably you should wear suit trousers so that it fits well together. If you are going to dinner or a party, the braces thus fit perfectly. Wearing braces as a fashion accessory at work is not a style violation, but would probably make your colleagues raise their eyebrows. But if you work in banking and finance, these are not strange, as it is a classic Wall-Street look. Wearing braces for a pair of jeans would not look good. You should also not combine a pair of suspenders and a belt, but must choose one or the other. A pair of braces fits perfectly with a bow tie or tie.

Which suspenders should you choose?
The primary function of a pair of braces is to hold the pants in place. In addition, it is a stylish fashion accessory that will fit well with your other outfit. Which braces to choose depends on the type of pants you have. There are two main types of suspenders with different fasteners. The first is the clip-on buckles that you easily attach to all types of pants. The other is the braces with leather strap that you attach to the buttons on the inside of the pants. The disadvantage of this variant is that many trousers do not have these buttons sewn in from the beginning but must be sewn there by a tailor. However, the button braces are very stylish and the original variant that everyone wore in the past, which gives a classic look. But clip-on buckles have gained market share and are today the most popular variant thanks to its practical function.

What width, material and pattern?
The standard width is between 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm, which is divided into narrow and wide braces. Which ones to choose is a matter of taste and is very much controlled by the size of your body hut. A large person usually fits better in a pair of wide suspenders while a small person fits better in narrow ones. Wide braces are slightly more comfortable as they have a larger relieving surface. Braces are available in different materials, the most common being elastic fabric in polyester which is durable, comfortable and cheap. Then there are braces in wool and silk, it can be really nice for some outfits, but these are more expensive and less comfortable as they are not elastic in the fabric. When it comes to color and pattern, it is entirely a matter of taste that is governed by what you wear otherwise. If you want to wear something stylish, choose a pair of black or navy blue suspenders for a white shirt, another classic is navy blue braces with white dots. It fits perfectly with a navy blue suit and light blue shirt.

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